Whiskey Icarus

from by Kev Sez



There must be a Big Bang at the bottom of this bottle
To be gunning for the finish line so hard
Taking so many shots you'd think I was at a gun range
.44 magnum opus written in trails of Balvenie
But entropy isn't what it used to be
Emily Dickinson self destruct like my life's a movie
Specifically the scene when the drunk fuck's like "enough!" and thrusts his hand up towards the sky, but I...
have no energy left inside this palm
Vietnam vet, wet behind the breath but staying calm
Another attempt to circumvent life's process by
Strapping wings on but they won't stay on
We all wanna be on it but I'm just trynna define it (and I'm) in
A pool of liquor that's solitary confinement (cause I'm)
Crawling on the surface of moons when I try to fly
Inching higher and higher like man when he's asking (why?)

The heavens open up
And we all fall down
(Whiskey Icarus!)
The heavens open up
And we all fall down

The bottle's gonna be the closest thing we get to a womb

Scarcely savage, scary madness, sleepin' self like weavin' magic
Flying on my Delta waves, paying for all my baggage
Found my life in a junk drawer that I can't organize
Maybe if I leave it there I'll end up so immortalized
Drinking liquor with a touch of cyanide
Staring sobriety in his face with his cyan eyes
Caught inside a battle of Babylonian "ride or die"
I'd better finish off this bottle so I have room to climb inside

The heavens open up
And we all fall down
(Whiskey Icarus!)
The heavens open up
And we all fall down

Sharp pains settle themselves inside the membrane
Waking up to pitched down speech like Don Lafontaine
Water bed titling like an oceanic panic
Paying dues inside the center-fugue

Disregard my body while I'm playing dice with kidney stones
Breaking up the party cause I'm settin' all my whisky bones
Maybe shoulda stayed at home, patiently go play alone, pay atone
Mints are gone (breath's breaking health code)
Situation's copacetic (it's so synthetic)
I slipped and cut myself on your shoulder blades
Cleaning off my face with a bit of human conditioner
Pleading with myself (nah, it's not cause you're missin' her)

The heavens open up (x3)
And we all fall down


from First Attempt at a Second Chance, released April 1, 2014
Produced by ICETEP
Lyrics written and performed by Keven White
DJ cuts by Nimo the Hooligan



all rights reserved


Kev Sez Dallas, Texas

rapper, singer, poet, opinion-ant... taking influence from minds dead, alive, and never born.


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