The nighttime falls and it's copacetic
Stuck in my head, but I don't regret it
Keep it silent like I'm dodging credit
Checkin' news sites to where the threat is
Bombers in the streets, wonder where the next is
Guantanamo, cuttin' neck to neck is
Bowl full of blood that I drink for breakfast
Emaciated vampire representative
Tellin' me to watch TV, drink a sedative
Take a nap on the sediment for the hell of it
Listen to the preacher cause he's accredited?
Hiding all the truth behind a diamond necklace
Paid to tell me just what the threat is
Condone the sentence, none affected
The figure head issues the order, they'll take away our phones
and we'll communicate through

Smoke signals... (x8)

Devil on the shoulder, eyelids fading
Want the world to change, but we're dying waiting
They tell us to go about our daily dating,
build the population, necessary mating
9-5, clock in and clock out
While they rob us blind with our pockets out
So let's instigate the new world order
we'll take away their homes, and they'll communicate through

Smoke signals... (x8)


from First Attempt at a Second Chance, released April 1, 2014
Produced by Moodie Black
Lyrics written and performed by Keven White



all rights reserved


Kev Sez Dallas, Texas

rapper, singer, poet, opinion-ant... taking influence from minds dead, alive, and never born.


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