Life Check (One Two, One Two)

from by Kev Sez



Life check, one two, one two (x4)

In the beginning there was me, eyes barely open
They say that life's a stage, the doctor handed the program
Screams were the soundtrack, sans piano like "no, Sam"
Chocolate midwife held me, humming a slow jam (huh)
I think that's why babies are born with soul, man
Gift from a mother and father
twixt the son and the daughter
Fixed by cells that are martyred (martyred)
Riding fluorescent coat tails outta the hospital, while my
brother sung, sister's feeling grateful for the life that's right beside her
Even if she doesn't understand
Even if she doesn't understand

Life check, one two one two (x3)
Life…. check it out, it's like

Hah, y'all thought I was about to go off, right?
Hahaha, nope.
It's like this, it's like that (x6)

Check it out, forreal.

In the beginning there was heat, nothing resembled emotion
A vast cosmic ocean of primordial soup
Dipping a quill in black ink to finish the blueprint
Lighthouse perched atop God's working table
2 weeks spent tweaking the moonlight so it was just right
Created coffee beans just so she could stay awake at night
Time to pour another one (cup flowth over)
Deadline is racing (confidence is lowered)
Pre-history architect with seven billion mouths to feed
Boss is worried, hurriedly popping all of the mountain seeds
Writin' by halo light (these things ain't tippin' right)
Moving around so much you'd think (God was a Gypsy)
Black hole eyes scanning, all attention demanded
Plot code flowin' outta her fingers like David Mamet
Runnin' out of time with an approaching finish line
Until she dropped a hand grenade and started the Big Bang

This island's just one big mess
You can call me a nihilist, but I'm pretty
sure God settled for us (x4)

In the middle there was she, eyes drooping from exhaustion
#2 yellow, throwin' pillows at the problem
Another batch of homework, gotta run home first
See, little girl was taught that life was an obstacle course
Runnin' from A to B and one day she'll finally make it
Diploma, aroma of success to be the best yet
Bed rest is meant for those who don't know when to stop
Running the plot, tendin' the crops, knows that she's grindin' hard on the block
Tell her to stop, no she will not, designing her own funeral plot
Little does she know she's reaching the end of Act 2
Will she lose? "Lost" is an unapplicable concept
A construct, she's washed up, no longer the tall one
No life gangster, she's living in false hoods
Pocket full of paper but soul's drowning in all "shoulds"
Shoulda, woulda coulda Willy Wonka eat the Budda
With the ruler, measure what's left of life before she's gone like

This is the life check (x3)
One two, one two, what is this?

Death ain't all that bad, nah, death ain't all that bad (x4)

In the end I felt calm, coffin warm and inviting
Mirror reflection of lost intentions are within sighting
Done fighting, no longer crying, it's so exciting
Lighting the fire, finally find the mighty Poseidon
Flying, might I ask to Zeus to borrow some lightening
Sighting the flyer nightly, sign me brightly a Titan
They dropped me underground, blindly hugging a mic stand
Alone, silently rapping, silently rapping like

Life check, one two, one two (x3)
Life check, one two, what is this….


from First Attempt at a Second Chance, released April 1, 2014
Produced by Sixo
Lyrics written and performed by Keven White



all rights reserved


Kev Sez Dallas, Texas

rapper, singer, poet, opinion-ant... taking influence from minds dead, alive, and never born.


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