This is the solemn anniversary of depth charged
Cranium angels holding their fingers inside of my grey matter
Miami Vice grip, flower shirts hurt vision when fingertips are pushed in
Take away what you will and leave what you feel I could listen to
Classical guitar notes, flick flick like tire spokes
Tickle both ends of the spectrum and emerge, pinching the septum
I think I smell a rat, clack clack clack clack, pungent sulfur popping like that that
React swiftly! Just cause I'm dying doesn't mean you won't kiss me?
Thrown off like a jacket in the heat of a Detroit summer
You thought you could… cover your footprints like a hunter
But I kept tabs on you like an obsessive lover
From Down Under, knife sings our song like Paleolithic thunder
Making love on fur til the sun melts all our ambitions
Pour myself a cup of stuff that erupts just enough to wake my ass up


I see my reflection shove
I'm never gon' feel, love love
but we can be friends, bud bud
And if you don't dig, tough luck
Starting anew, crumb crumb
this version'll suck, dum dum
So many emotions, run
I cannot escape, grab gun
I'm never gon' grab drab sky
too many silk backdrops, why?
I'm goin' goodbye, au revior
Let me grab one last cigar
Blow rings down the boulevard
A burning Excalibur
Someone once said love hurts

Well I'd like to think it burns
Traversing through idioms
Easy as pie, and then some
I'm beating around the bush
before I beat my brains out
And call it a day, catch some z's
Is this still a bang-up job?
Shit, I dunno (beat's me)
I'm keepin' my nose to the grindstone
While choppin' my head on my writer's block
Paying the piper while pulling all-nighters
and waiting for all of the fun to stop
At the eleventh hour
I'll crash onto Jupiter
And wait until hell freezes over to
lay in the bed that I made for myself

But if you can fly, fly high
Before the man strikes you down
But if you can fly, fly high
Before the man strikes you down
But if you can fly, fly high
Before the man strikes you down
Before the man strikes


from First Attempt at a Second Chance, released April 1, 2014
Produced by leae
Lyrics written and performed by Keven White



all rights reserved


Kev Sez Dallas, Texas

rapper, singer, poet, opinion-ant... taking influence from minds dead, alive, and never born.


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