Desert of the Real

from by Kev Sez



Reality held in its own mobius, oldest man
sits atop a mountain
Painting the landscape in firm colors
The earth dissolves around him
Only maps are left, what once is
gone, no more surrounding
Resounding shout let out of the mouth
World stops its precession
As he floats, on his way to nirvana
the mind's intractable
Pondering the earthly deities
All are transfinite
God said you know can know me through reason
Man just laughed a bit
Knowing that without the mountain he's an
out of work hypothesis
The noise drains, white and pink assist
his metamorphosis
Space becomes magnetized, circularized
and viscous
He begins to realize that life is negativity
and crisis
A hormonal treatment to challenge the final
Questioning fact and the apparatus of
Whether he's a deep thinker or a
mental patient
Once the sun finishes its own
The old philosopher finds himself in the
desert of the real

It is the reflection of a profound reality
it masks and denatures a profound reality
it masks the absence of a profound reality
it has no relation to any reality

In the desert there is a man
that stands
Artificial in its own right but
still called a man
Photo-realistic, work of a mystic
Calls himself "dream man"
Dream stares, his father
old and wise
Electric sheep walk by dream
man in the county side
Founders are dead, long since
abandoned life
Metal man molded to be
the perfect medium
Dream speaks in cryptic binary
universal language
Explains the crash and symbolic wounds
of the extension
Man's endless excisions, incisions
and scarifications
The inevitable rising and
Dream's coronation
Old man breathed, anti-breath
met and danced
The hyper-real had become reality
at last
Simulacrum had spoken
and walked into the sky
Old man closed his eyes
and humanity died

We are a reflection of a profound reality
We mask and denature a profound reality
We mask the absence of a profound reality
We have no relation to any reality


from First Attempt at a Second Chance, released April 1, 2014
Produced by leae
Lyrics written and performed by Keven White



all rights reserved


Kev Sez Dallas, Texas

rapper, singer, poet, opinion-ant... taking influence from minds dead, alive, and never born.


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