First Attempt at a Second Chance

by Kev Sez

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Damien Perry
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Damien Perry I'm extremely impressed with Kev Sez, but I'd like to hear better beats. They're very Casio Keyboard techno. Just my opinion. I'd still buy his next album Favorite track: Whiskey Icarus.
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released April 1, 2014

This album is dedicated to Raven. May your wings blanket the sky, and your song reach all corners of the earth.

Producer credits:

1. Jupiter (prod. leae)
2. Thoughts of a Closet Existential Nihilist (prod. Buffalo Black)
3. Desert of the Real (prod. leae)
4. Enter, the Intro
5. Enter the Void (prod. leae) // additional vocals by Brady Moen
6. Smoke Signals (prod. Moodie Black)
7. Drowning in a River of White Noise (Interlude) (prod. Kev Sez)
8. The Silence I Keep Away (prod. Buffalo Black)
9. Crash (prod. Eric Dingus)
10. Whiskey Icarus (prod. ICETEP)
11. Kev's Dead (prod. ICETEP)
12. First Attempt at a Second Chance (ft. Kristoff Krane) (prod. leae)
13. Life Check (One Two, One Two) (prod. Sixo)

Just to clarify, leae is pronounced "lay," as in to lay down. Dig it.


"Enter, the Intro" audio courtesy of 93.9 Dublin South FM's Hip Hop Stop with Conor Brannelly. Used with permission.
O Mio Babbino Caro vocal sample on "Enter the Void" courtesy of Kristen Lucas. Used with permission.

DJ cuts on "Whiskey Icarus" provided by Nimo the Hooligan (Slipmats).

Recorded, mixed and engineered by Brady Moen at The Hideaway Studios, Minneapolis MN
Additional mixing and engineering by leae
Mastered by Huntley Miller at HM Mastering, Minneapolis MN
Additional mastering by leae

Lyrics written and performed by Keven White (ASCAP).
"Kev's Dead" lyrics written by Keven White and Jenna Jasper.
"First Attempt" lyrics written and performed by Keven White and Christopher M Keller (ASCAP).

Executive produced by Keven White.
Art direction by Keven White.
Design by Pat Jensen.

© Keven Michael White 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Kev Sez Publishing.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me.



all rights reserved


Kev Sez Dallas, Texas

rapper, singer, poet, opinion-ant... taking influence from minds dead, alive, and never born.


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Track Name: Jupiter
This is the solemn anniversary of depth charged
Cranium angels holding their fingers inside of my grey matter
Miami Vice grip, flower shirts hurt vision when fingertips are pushed in
Take away what you will and leave what you feel I could listen to
Classical guitar notes, flick flick like tire spokes
Tickle both ends of the spectrum and emerge, pinching the septum
I think I smell a rat, clack clack clack clack, pungent sulfur popping like that that
React swiftly! Just cause I'm dying doesn't mean you won't kiss me?
Thrown off like a jacket in the heat of a Detroit summer
You thought you could… cover your footprints like a hunter
But I kept tabs on you like an obsessive lover
From Down Under, knife sings our song like Paleolithic thunder
Making love on fur til the sun melts all our ambitions
Pour myself a cup of stuff that erupts just enough to wake my ass up


I see my reflection shove
I'm never gon' feel, love love
but we can be friends, bud bud
And if you don't dig, tough luck
Starting anew, crumb crumb
this version'll suck, dum dum
So many emotions, run
I cannot escape, grab gun
I'm never gon' grab drab sky
too many silk backdrops, why?
I'm goin' goodbye, au revior
Let me grab one last cigar
Blow rings down the boulevard
A burning Excalibur
Someone once said love hurts

Well I'd like to think it burns
Traversing through idioms
Easy as pie, and then some
I'm beating around the bush
before I beat my brains out
And call it a day, catch some z's
Is this still a bang-up job?
Shit, I dunno (beat's me)
I'm keepin' my nose to the grindstone
While choppin' my head on my writer's block
Paying the piper while pulling all-nighters
and waiting for all of the fun to stop
At the eleventh hour
I'll crash onto Jupiter
And wait until hell freezes over to
lay in the bed that I made for myself

But if you can fly, fly high
Before the man strikes you down
But if you can fly, fly high
Before the man strikes you down
But if you can fly, fly high
Before the man strikes you down
Before the man strikes
Track Name: Thoughts of a Closet Existential Nihilist
You, me and everyone we know is gone and dead, so why
stick around? I'd rather decompose in the ground instead
Let my mind drift, drink a fifth of vodka, chase it with some
gold caps, strap myself down and let my mind react
Redact reality with existential nihlism
Close the shutters, live in clutter, thinking "motherfucker I ain't
ever getting out of this, I can't focus
long enough to consider options outside of cannibis"
Walk the streets in a daze, looking like a mugger wrapped in
pea coats and cigarette smoke
Reach the corner store, finish up the last drag, mean-
while Black Flag's echo blasted out the speakers while some
teenagers ignored it like they don't know shit. Had
money in my pocket but I saw he had more ones
Thought I'd be retired at 21, where's the fun gone?
Pop into the store, psilocybin is kicking in

I don't know where I'm walkin'
But I don't care, cause my future me is calling
I never answer, 'cause I'm stuck in the past, while taking
sips from a flask while I'm winking through my death mask
… While I'm winking through my death mask
… While I'm winking through my death mask
… While I'm winking through my death mask
While I'm winking through my death mask

Walk up to the counter with no will like a fatalist
Only white boy in the store full of closet segregationists
Define irony: we stole the land from Cherokee
And here I am currently, paying with my currency
Ten bucks a pack for their tobacco so I kill myself
and it's a profit, had thought but I just lost it
Feeling like an angel, seeing zippers in my vision. Knowin' in
five minutes money won't make sense, so I pay and dip
Walk outside, light up, get myself a mouthful
Contemplate my death with every square ounce full, I'm doubtful
of where I'll end, where I begin, and what exists
what is life? what is sin? what's after death? are we all kids?
Is there a god? If there is, there must be a devil
Yin and yang, black and white, day and night, liquid and metal
Light another smoke, zippo click, throw it in the coat
Suck it up, little shithead, you only live once (YOLO!)

I'm not sure where I'm walkin'
I'm looking back, 'cause my shadow is stalkin'
Thinkin' in circles 'cause I'm high as a kite, and life is
like a song I'm singing to the end that goes like
… While I'm singing to my death and
… While I'm singing to my death and
… While I'm singing to my death and
While I'm sinking to my death, man

Child-like delusions of a man with nothing to lose
Nobody in the picture but himself, he knows it too
Take another step and the borders of the sidewalk
Fall apart, tip toe glowing concrete like I'm walking in the
dark, not sure of the direction of my apartment
I see the local homeless living in bottles and cigarette
cartons. Living on the fringes of society
Straight faced, bus money's needed? Now they lie to me
Fishing out the quarters that I'm saving for my bus pass
Drop it like a fishing lure, waiting for the bait to catch
Pupils are black holes, ask 'em how their day has been. They're
happy to have found the cardboard that they're layin' in
Humble scum by society's standards
But sometimes I wonder if any of 'em have found the answer
I break the banter, turn and meet the wind with laughter
While I walk into the sunrise, swallowing my cancer

I don't care where I'm walking
I know you care, even though it's not your problem
So let's sit and talk and mark my sighs with chalk
and you'll be crying while you kiss me through my death mask
… While you kiss me through my death mask
… While you kiss me through my death mask
… While you kiss me through my death mask
… Keep my flag at half mast
Track Name: Desert of the Real
Reality held in its own mobius, oldest man
sits atop a mountain
Painting the landscape in firm colors
The earth dissolves around him
Only maps are left, what once is
gone, no more surrounding
Resounding shout let out of the mouth
World stops its precession
As he floats, on his way to nirvana
the mind's intractable
Pondering the earthly deities
All are transfinite
God said you know can know me through reason
Man just laughed a bit
Knowing that without the mountain he's an
out of work hypothesis
The noise drains, white and pink assist
his metamorphosis
Space becomes magnetized, circularized
and viscous
He begins to realize that life is negativity
and crisis
A hormonal treatment to challenge the final
Questioning fact and the apparatus of
Whether he's a deep thinker or a
mental patient
Once the sun finishes its own
The old philosopher finds himself in the
desert of the real

It is the reflection of a profound reality
it masks and denatures a profound reality
it masks the absence of a profound reality
it has no relation to any reality

In the desert there is a man
that stands
Artificial in its own right but
still called a man
Photo-realistic, work of a mystic
Calls himself "dream man"
Dream stares, his father
old and wise
Electric sheep walk by dream
man in the county side
Founders are dead, long since
abandoned life
Metal man molded to be
the perfect medium
Dream speaks in cryptic binary
universal language
Explains the crash and symbolic wounds
of the extension
Man's endless excisions, incisions
and scarifications
The inevitable rising and
Dream's coronation
Old man breathed, anti-breath
met and danced
The hyper-real had become reality
at last
Simulacrum had spoken
and walked into the sky
Old man closed his eyes
and humanity died

We are a reflection of a profound reality
We mask and denature a profound reality
We mask the absence of a profound reality
We have no relation to any reality
Track Name: Enter the Void
Long day, so I'm kickin' back and I grab my favorite coffee mug
Sittin' down with a bottle of stars, pour myself a cup of the Milky Way
Quarks and atoms, carbon and models, swirl it, let my galaxy breathe
Big bang now in the morning, lights flash 'round like it's Christmas Eve
After that first sip I set the cup down, it sank into the table top
Wondering why the force broke pine, cup skewered out just like a shish-kebab
Luminous electromagnetic and gravitational forces
began to form the ceramic into a black hole
Everything inside my apartment including dishes and garbage
began to slide across the floor like I lost control
vision turns to redshift, wavelengths increase distance
as I'm pulled into the blackness
My extremities become rivers of noise as I cascade galactic everglades
Fingertips touch the top of the visible spectrum, all hate leaves, there is no violence
only violet. There is no silence, only diamonds, push-pinned into
into a black canvas
Lost all thoughts and all my balance
dropped my face like a filthy habit
Deoxyribonucleic acid began to pour out

Spall erupts as the radiation of a thousand stars enter my body
Or what's left of it, I no longer have skin, I got quantum foam
Unlike my thoughts, they're so small that they're never shown
This space has no walls but I feel at home, lights flash beside my ethereal eyelids
I think I'm god, but looking back, I see Osiris
I see slaves building and killing and Constantine and the willing
the Renaissance and the filling of every womb on the planet
at once like I must have planned it. I see the trees that are planted
Grandiose technology mixed with classical mythology
Kids playing games in a hotel lobby, kids grow up and lay down in the bedrock
and then it stopped.

Open up your eyes and let the old one die (x4)

My spine splits like string cheese being eaten and I cease to breathe
Tenderly released from bodily prisons and ignite in firestorms of light and steam
Stars whirl and never stay in the same place, arms curl and pretty soon they're erased
leaving nothing but the soul in deep space, twenty- thousand years and everything's a clean slate
I reach the end of the line, destroy the concept of time
look down and to my surprise, my arm is dark matter
I begin to realize that I'm no longer alive
And time flies past my eyes like I'm stuck in a turbine
10,000 lives and each one's as spontaneous as the last
I'm at the restaurant at the end of the universe with one sip left in my glass
The waiters compress into the bottles of space wine, I smell
burnt steak, iron metal, and aged pine
Who knew I'd see math at the big crunch while I wine and dine?
My body divides into a line and two circles, and I'm tasting purple
I jump through a portal, conceptually immortal
The dinosaurs dance as I run through the hour circle
Buildings pop horizons like hair through epidermis
And enormous heat from cores blast me like a gas furnace
My skin folds over my lips and eyes, atoms start shifting and I
sit back inside my kitchen into my current life
Same clothes, same hair, same coffee cup that's empty
Only thing that's different is Orion's Belt that's been burned on me
I traveled the universe and gathered information and a presence omni
only thing I have to prove it are three freckles that space has kissed on me
I won't know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know how the past will seem
in line for the inside dream, wait until the fat lady sings
There's no need to go to bed with one sip left in my cup
I'll lean back in my chair and let my galaxy erupt
Track Name: Smoke Signals
The nighttime falls and it's copacetic
Stuck in my head, but I don't regret it
Keep it silent like I'm dodging credit
Checkin' news sites to where the threat is
Bombers in the streets, wonder where the next is
Guantanamo, cuttin' neck to neck is
Bowl full of blood that I drink for breakfast
Emaciated vampire representative
Tellin' me to watch TV, drink a sedative
Take a nap on the sediment for the hell of it
Listen to the preacher cause he's accredited?
Hiding all the truth behind a diamond necklace
Paid to tell me just what the threat is
Condone the sentence, none affected
The figure head issues the order, they'll take away our phones
and we'll communicate through

Smoke signals... (x8)

Devil on the shoulder, eyelids fading
Want the world to change, but we're dying waiting
They tell us to go about our daily dating,
build the population, necessary mating
9-5, clock in and clock out
While they rob us blind with our pockets out
So let's instigate the new world order
we'll take away their homes, and they'll communicate through

Smoke signals... (x8)
Track Name: The Silence I Keep Away
Silence, silence, silence, I can't stand the
Silence, silence, silence, can't sleep with the
Silence, silence, silence
Silence... Shhhhhhhh.

My bedroom ain't a homestead, it's a prison cell
Chalked lines counting times and memories of where I dwelled
It's funny how silence seems to be the loudest, attention kept
Left to the electronics and kept bound to the mattress
All these thoughts scream among me, do my best not to listen
So I stay a slave to Netflix, electronics and messages
That red notification trips dopamine receptors
While sound pours out the broken speakers. I can hear the
rain snake down the window pane exterior, and it reminds me that
I'm still here (I'm still here)
Most of the time I'm kept perpetually distracted
And kept captive by things that we don't need but find attractive
And as the world turns, I find myself swaying with it
Staying vigilant, but not aware of my place in it
Heart of a cynic, mind of a solider that ancestors blessed me with
Chanting cadences while I walk a mile outside my limits with the

Silence, silence, silence, I can't stand the
Silence, silence, silence, can't sleep with the
Silence, silence, silence
Silence... Shhhhhhhh.

I got a date with Makers Mark, he's looking chilled and dressed
We hang out til happiness bursts out of my chest
Introspective, take inventory of all I'm left with
On a night like this, I should expect nothing less
Lights flashing, communication at a stand still
Knowing I'd be fine if I talked, but I am weak-willed
I'm like, "defeat, killed," stilled time unwinds on a fine line
between me and Elysium - he's gone, but I ain't missin' him
Sometimes I think my name and "lie to myself" are synonyms
So I spit out my honesty on the mic like spoons of cinnamon
I can hear the blood course through my skin, finger the
deadbolt while the world whispers "let me in, let me in"
Rivers of white noise drown out my mind and that's how I like it
I can't fall asleep without my thoughts divided
so I sit on my porch and let the ghosts drive by
and relax with my sweet city lullaby like

Silence, silence, silence, I can't stand the
Silence, silence, silence, can't sleep with the
Silence, silence, silence
Silence... Shhhhhhhh.
Track Name: Crash
Can you really feel normal under moonlight?
Shiftin' all of the blame like it was you, right?
You really think this sweater is on too tight?
Disregard opinions like "yeah right"

Top down, rolling Michelins in Dallas
Taking shots in the front seat, star light beating down heavy in the Chevy toppin' 80 on the highway like
arguing was nothing but practice
I'll admit I was willingly captive
The way you snared me in I coulda sworn it was magic
Performing ceremonies on an alchemy mattress
Burning down the bedroom like our teeth were a matchbook

And at last we know
Right as we're passing by the grassy knoll , the way you did your hair I catch a flash as I looked up from the dash
In the fog from all the hash, eyes are blinded from the ash, see you lookin' like
Jackie O... mixed blood mochaccino with the mean flow, sittin' sideways saying "where did our dream go?"

Can you really feel normal under moonlight?
Shiftin' all of the blame like it was you, right?
You really think this sweater is on too tight?
Disregard opinions like "yeah right"

Keep the car rollin' to the redline
Never-mind however the dead die
Strapped with a little bitty nap-
kin of vinyl and the fabric is ripping like a neck tie
Think we might have rolled past the deadline
Don't want you to see me in the headlines
Wrapped in a little bitty trap
made of medal, made of plastic and buried with a bad lie

I didn't mean to crash...

Can you really feel normal under moonlight?
Shiftin' all of the blame like it was you, right?
You really think this sweater is on too tight?
Disregard opinions like "yeah right"
Track Name: Whiskey Icarus
There must be a Big Bang at the bottom of this bottle
To be gunning for the finish line so hard
Taking so many shots you'd think I was at a gun range
.44 magnum opus written in trails of Balvenie
But entropy isn't what it used to be
Emily Dickinson self destruct like my life's a movie
Specifically the scene when the drunk fuck's like "enough!" and thrusts his hand up towards the sky, but I...
have no energy left inside this palm
Vietnam vet, wet behind the breath but staying calm
Another attempt to circumvent life's process by
Strapping wings on but they won't stay on
We all wanna be on it but I'm just trynna define it (and I'm) in
A pool of liquor that's solitary confinement (cause I'm)
Crawling on the surface of moons when I try to fly
Inching higher and higher like man when he's asking (why?)

The heavens open up
And we all fall down
(Whiskey Icarus!)
The heavens open up
And we all fall down

The bottle's gonna be the closest thing we get to a womb

Scarcely savage, scary madness, sleepin' self like weavin' magic
Flying on my Delta waves, paying for all my baggage
Found my life in a junk drawer that I can't organize
Maybe if I leave it there I'll end up so immortalized
Drinking liquor with a touch of cyanide
Staring sobriety in his face with his cyan eyes
Caught inside a battle of Babylonian "ride or die"
I'd better finish off this bottle so I have room to climb inside

The heavens open up
And we all fall down
(Whiskey Icarus!)
The heavens open up
And we all fall down

Sharp pains settle themselves inside the membrane
Waking up to pitched down speech like Don Lafontaine
Water bed titling like an oceanic panic
Paying dues inside the center-fugue

Disregard my body while I'm playing dice with kidney stones
Breaking up the party cause I'm settin' all my whisky bones
Maybe shoulda stayed at home, patiently go play alone, pay atone
Mints are gone (breath's breaking health code)
Situation's copacetic (it's so synthetic)
I slipped and cut myself on your shoulder blades
Cleaning off my face with a bit of human conditioner
Pleading with myself (nah, it's not cause you're missin' her)

The heavens open up (x3)
And we all fall down
Track Name: Kev's Dead
I'm this close to death, and I can't even see straight
Asked the angel for a refund but only got a rebate
Reincarnation is the replay, not about the he-say, she-say
I'm writing with no delay, I'm crafting with my man Leae
He's seeing what the beat say. Say, what the hell does Kev Say?
Rappin' in the red tape - not open for debate
See I don't fuck with meat tapes. I just write the real shit
Open up my brain to find the worms inside the skull crate
Don't know who I am yet, flying on the Lamb's Bread
Smoke envelopes cockpit, hope that I don't crash yet
Bourbon bottle falling out my palm like grip is damaged
Running from my past like heart's pumping battery acid
Raven on my shoulder like music's my only madness
and it's staring at me, following movement like it's a habit
and damn it, when it comes to my past I can only cram it
down my throat while I confuse epitaphs for ballads

If at first you don't succeed, try try again
Step up to this life, and die again
Stealin' lines 'cause it's already said better than I can
Hopin' to find salvation with a mic in hand, it's like

Death is only the beginning
Kev's dead, baby (x3)
Life's only fair if you don't exist
Kev's dead, baby (x3)

Escaped from the D and I dropped the -en
Call me Kev, short-hand is a means to an end
Tried to make amends but the text never sent
Stopped Worrying and Loved the Circle but I'm still on edge
Sleeping on razor blades, crashing up through the skylight
Playing clubs while I'm secretly hating the night life
My blood is more Mai Tai than it's ever been in my life
I don't breathe air, I breathe smoke and don't exercise
86'd myself cause my inner child was lifeless
Held a funeral for past self, went way past self-righteous
Always told myself, "this grave'll be my dynasty"
Finally find inside of me, dying to feel the primacy
Fire ignite the light in me, siren to sign the rivalry
I never thought I'd bury the little one that's inside of me
I'm gettin' trapped in the page that I'm buried beneath
So I guess it's time to say goodbye to me

If at first you don't succeed, try try again
Step up to this life, and die again
Stealin' lines 'cause it's already said better than I can
Hopin' to find salvation with a mic in hand, it's like

Death is only the beginning
Kev's dead, baby (x3)
Life's only fair if you don't exist
Kev's dead, baby (x3)


Be honest with me doctor, give it to me straight
Do I need to sign the page, do not resuscitate?
It's like I woke up after a nap in the Lazarus Pit
As I fathom and sit, wrapped in the static that I emit
I am sadly equipped to withstand the sand that is spit
From the maw of my own reflection, now I'm drowning in shit
Fisticuffs with my former self, nursing a fat lip
And a time out just doesn't work anymore, it's like
I'm on the fence, but I can't help but get offensive
Learned the hard way that bad intentions lead to tough lessons
Giving a kiss to fate's smoldering lips
Even the silver tongued demon has his Freudian slips, surviving
Mention to mention like life's hardly a bitch, taking
shots of absinthe, I crash the party and dip
I don't need a map, willingly get lost in the mix
So I'll swim in the River Styx until it's time to quit

You are cordially invited to the death of Keven White
I'll hang myself on stage and it'll be the best act of the night

Death is only the beginning
Kev's dead, baby (x3)
Life's only fair if you don't exist
Kev's dead, baby (x3)
Track Name: First Attempt at a Second Chance (ft. Kristoff Krane)
(Kev Sez)
Skyline pops midnight, side sittin' a bus ride
Ticket paid, hard intent, scanning for a welcome hand, I got
Long arms but no reach, I can't find the current, drowning
in the spiral, wondering if it was worth it, thinking
back to the souls that I had left behind, set aside
Can't tell if I'm making progress or ridin' to die
Ballad of the almost family man, set in sea tones
I hadn't spoken lovely since the last time I had been clothed
In folds of violet, soul becoming violent, had to
leave it all behind, silent behind the eyelids
Sedatives, backstroking through the memories
Fingering the pill container, black bird and mammaries
No chance at funerals, I smoke another coffin nail
Wrapping in black, back turned to effigies we set sail, but
pain is perception, past intentions sweat out
So I'll keep walking the path I found myself on when I set out

This is the first attempt at a second chance I never thought I'd get (x4)

(Kristoff Krane)
At seventeen I started spinning
Out of control, then lost connection with the inner vision
The vision within so vivid back when we were kids
Until we were convinced that being different was some sort of sin
Wanted so bad to fit in, desire to be a cool kid
Environment was conducive to hierarchy, the influence
Of others I believed to be higher than me made me do it
I'm tired and trying to sleep, wide awake, dying, thinking that if in their
Eyes they could see me for exactly who I was
I wouldn't have to try to hard to be somebody they could love
But to appreciate a scar you've got to learn to feel the cut
Remember that you're made of stars and all it takes it looking up, but
It wasn't enough to heal 'cause I guess I needed
Four and a half months away from family and friends to find true meaning
I've always had all the love and support I ever needed
Not being able to see them finally helped me see it

This is the first attempt at a second chance I always knew I'd get

Now that I got it I'm gonna do something positive
Honest remaining modest, I promise to learn and live

This is the first attempt at a second chance I always knew I'd get
but here I am, understanding the spiral's concurrent with movement
and a lifestyle conducive to progress if you induce it
Once you find the map then I don't think you'll ever lose it

This is the first attempt at a second chance I always knew I'd get
There's no regret, for with each step I understand that I am blessed
The air is fresh, the world is new like I just got pushed out the womb
Larva bloom from dark cocoon, the butterfly, the sky is blue

This is the first attempt at a second chance I knew I'd always get (x3)
Now that we got it we gonna do something positive
Honest remaining modest, we promise to learn and live
Track Name: Life Check (One Two, One Two)
Life check, one two, one two (x4)

In the beginning there was me, eyes barely open
They say that life's a stage, the doctor handed the program
Screams were the soundtrack, sans piano like "no, Sam"
Chocolate midwife held me, humming a slow jam (huh)
I think that's why babies are born with soul, man
Gift from a mother and father
twixt the son and the daughter
Fixed by cells that are martyred (martyred)
Riding fluorescent coat tails outta the hospital, while my
brother sung, sister's feeling grateful for the life that's right beside her
Even if she doesn't understand
Even if she doesn't understand

Life check, one two one two (x3)
Life…. check it out, it's like

Hah, y'all thought I was about to go off, right?
Hahaha, nope.
It's like this, it's like that (x6)

Check it out, forreal.

In the beginning there was heat, nothing resembled emotion
A vast cosmic ocean of primordial soup
Dipping a quill in black ink to finish the blueprint
Lighthouse perched atop God's working table
2 weeks spent tweaking the moonlight so it was just right
Created coffee beans just so she could stay awake at night
Time to pour another one (cup flowth over)
Deadline is racing (confidence is lowered)
Pre-history architect with seven billion mouths to feed
Boss is worried, hurriedly popping all of the mountain seeds
Writin' by halo light (these things ain't tippin' right)
Moving around so much you'd think (God was a Gypsy)
Black hole eyes scanning, all attention demanded
Plot code flowin' outta her fingers like David Mamet
Runnin' out of time with an approaching finish line
Until she dropped a hand grenade and started the Big Bang

This island's just one big mess
You can call me a nihilist, but I'm pretty
sure God settled for us (x4)

In the middle there was she, eyes drooping from exhaustion
#2 yellow, throwin' pillows at the problem
Another batch of homework, gotta run home first
See, little girl was taught that life was an obstacle course
Runnin' from A to B and one day she'll finally make it
Diploma, aroma of success to be the best yet
Bed rest is meant for those who don't know when to stop
Running the plot, tendin' the crops, knows that she's grindin' hard on the block
Tell her to stop, no she will not, designing her own funeral plot
Little does she know she's reaching the end of Act 2
Will she lose? "Lost" is an unapplicable concept
A construct, she's washed up, no longer the tall one
No life gangster, she's living in false hoods
Pocket full of paper but soul's drowning in all "shoulds"
Shoulda, woulda coulda Willy Wonka eat the Budda
With the ruler, measure what's left of life before she's gone like

This is the life check (x3)
One two, one two, what is this?

Death ain't all that bad, nah, death ain't all that bad (x4)

In the end I felt calm, coffin warm and inviting
Mirror reflection of lost intentions are within sighting
Done fighting, no longer crying, it's so exciting
Lighting the fire, finally find the mighty Poseidon
Flying, might I ask to Zeus to borrow some lightening
Sighting the flyer nightly, sign me brightly a Titan
They dropped me underground, blindly hugging a mic stand
Alone, silently rapping, silently rapping like

Life check, one two, one two (x3)
Life check, one two, what is this….